Custodial Services Contract – Request for Proposals

Custodial Services Contract – Request for Proposals

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Services Requested in Bid: General custodial services for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school year.

Schedule for Request:

RFP Issued: July 27, 2020
Proposals Due: August 10, 2020
Decision-by Date: August 17, 2020
Due to the coronavirus outbreak, walk-throughs of the building are not possible at this time. Please submit questions via email to the contact below.

Method of Submission: E-mail or Fax
Contact Information: Roberta McInnis, Director of Operations
Fax: (585) 254-0321



Terms and Conditions:
Young Women’s College Prep Charter School (“YWCP”) is soliciting proposals from offerors to provide maintenance and cleaning services to YWCP for the period September 8, 2020 and ending June 30, 2022. YWCP is soliciting proposals from offerors having specific interest and qualifications in the areas identified in this solicitation. Qualification statements and proposals for consideration must contain evidence of the offeror’s experience and abilities in the specified area and other disciplines directly related to the proposed work. Other information required by YWCP includes the submission of profiles and resumes of the staff to be assigned to the school, references, illustrative examples of similar work performed, and any other requested information, which will clearly demonstrate the offeror’s expertise in the area of this solicitation.

YWCP staff will review and evaluate all qualification statements and may request offerors to make oral presentations. YWCP staff will rely on the qualification statements in selection of finalists and, therefore, offerors should emphasize specific information considered pertinent to this solicitation and submit all information requested. YWCP reserves the right to reject any and all qualification statements, to cancel this solicitation, and to waive any informalities or irregularities in procedure.



Nature of Organization:
YWCP opened in August 2012. We are a school that has an enrollment of approximately 400 students in grades 7 – 12. We follow a calendar that is largely consistent with most area public school calendars. We do have an extended day, however, that has students in the building from 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday – Friday. There are after school activities that occur beyond the academic school day.

Location: 133 Hoover Drive Rochester, NY 14615

Facility Utilization:
Please see Attachment 2 – School Map. The space to be covered under this agreement is shaded
on the attached floor plans.

Includes areas comprised of: 1 main office, 18 smaller offices, Hallways, Stairwells/elevator, 1 faculty room, 23 classrooms, 3 single-occupancy faculty restrooms, 4 double-occupancy student restrooms, 2 Locker rooms, Cafetorium & ramp; Stage

Not included: Cafeteria, Gymnasium, Kitchen

The majority of the space is in the south side of the building. The north side of the building is occupied by Discovery Charter School. The gymnasium is shared space and is maintained by the landlord. There is a loading dock. Storage space for equipment and supplies will be provided. There is a utility sink available on each floor.



Scope of Services: See Attachment 1.

Staffing Requirements:

  1. Provide custodial staff members to perform evening cleaning and janitorial services, Including mopping/ polishing the floors.
  2. Provide one Custodial staff member during the hours of 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  3. Services provided by staff must be in accordance with YWCP policy and procedures.
  4. Knowledge of and adherence to NYSED school cleaning guidelines (including “Green Schools” requirements for cleaning supplies).
  5. Criminal background checks on all employees must be maintained on file by the successful bidder.
  6. The successful bidder must comply with all statutes of the Equal Opportunity Employer Act and be a Drug-Free Employer in the State of New York.
  7. All personnel must be provided with photo ID badges, which are to be worn at all times.


Contractors Responsibilities:

  1. Provide supervisor for oversight of all duties provided by the day porter and evening employees, and provide that supervisor with a cell phone so that YWCP administrators can contact him/her 24 hours a day.
  2. Provide all cleaning supplies and equipment necessary to perform services.
  3. It is required that a binder of all material and safety data sheets (MSDS) of all cleaners and chemicals that are to be used in the school be kept in the Main Janitorial Office.
  4. During the months of July and August of 2021 a thorough deep cleaning schedule is required-detail classroom cleaning, carpet bonnet/extraction and or strip/wax (min. 4 coats).
  5. During the regular school year, a rotating schedule of areas for floor scrub/ recoat and carpet bonnet/extraction is required.
  6. Upon acceptance of bid, contractor will furnish insurance certificate with YWCP listed as additional insured.
  7. Upon acceptance of bid, contractor will furnish form W9.



Specifications for Custodial Services Proposal:

  1. Proposals must include a completed “Proposal Sheet for Custodial Services Proposal” (page 6 of attached document).
  2. Vendor must provide pricing for desired services outlined in the Scope of Services as well as hourly rate for additional general custodial services (e.g. for special events).
  3. Proposals must describe a plan for continuous supervision of custodial staff and a provision for an administrator in the company to conduct a walk-through at least once per calendar quarter.
  4. Proposals must describe a plan for the technical support of cleaning products, equipment, and cleaning methods. All cleaning products, equipment, and methods must comply with New York state regulations regarding environmentally sensitive materials acceptable for use in schools.
  5. Proposals must describe the company’s experience in institutional cleaning, particularly in school systems. References must be provided by proposers who are not currently under contract with YWCP.
  6. Proposals must detail the minimum number of employees that will be provided to YWCP during the school/work day and the minimum number of employees provided after the school/work day. Number of hours per employee should also be detailed.
  7. Proposals must include a general description of how the company will cover for employees who are absent.
  8. Proposals must include all insurance information requested in this RFP.



Terms of Agreement:
Any Agreement developed as a result of this RFP will commence and take effect on a date mutually agreed upon by the successful Proposer and YWCP and will be set forth in the Agreement. The contract shall begin on September 8, 2020 and end on June 30, 2022. Furthermore, “the contract may provide for automatic renewal unless positive action is taken by the school system to terminate such contract. The contract shall state the total obligation of the school system for the calendar years of execution and shall further state the total obligation which will be incurred in each calendar year renewal term if renewed.” During the contract period, the Board or the successful bidder may terminate the agreement if a breach occurs which is not resolved within thirty days after written notice.


Contracts & Obligations: Contracts and obligations are contingent upon YWCP having sufficient local funding at the time the contract is secured. Contracts and obligations will commence upon approval by YWCP.

Insurance: Acceptable to YWCP with limits no less than $2 million and workers’ compensation coverage as required by applicable statute. Upon approval of bid, Respondent shall provide YWCP evidence of such coverage.

Assignment: Any attempt by supplier to assign or otherwise transfer any interest in this Agreement without prior written consent of YWCP will void the contract.

Attorney’s Fees: The parties agree that in the event of dispute, each party will bear its own costs of litigation and attorney’s fees.

Compliance with Law: The vendor shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local statutes, regulations, ordinances or other legal requirements that apply to it or YWCP.

Inconsistencies in Conditions: In the event there are inconsistencies between the specifications, scope of work and the proposal terms or conditions, contained herein, the proposal terms and conditions will take precedence.

Indemnity: Respondent shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless YWCP from and against any claims, losses, suits, charges, demands and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising out of or related to (i) Respondent providing the services, (ii) any breach of any duty, representation, warranty or covenant, contractual or otherwise, by or attributable to Respondent and (iii) any act or omission attributable to Respondent.


Proposal Delivery Instructions:

Carefully read all instructions, schedule, requirements and specifications. Fill out all forms properly and completely. Submit your proposal with all appropriate supplements and attachments and return as instructed in this document via
Email or fax to the contact listed on the first page. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, hand-delivered or mailed proposals will not be accepted.

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