Student Expectations for Online Learning

Student Expectations for Online Learning – Quick Reference Sheet


Here’s a quick rundown of the daily expectations our students should be adhering to during this period of online learning. Please click this link to download your own pdf version for reference.


What Should I Do Each Day? 

  • Log on to your Google Classroom Home Page Monday-Friday.
  • You will see a Google classroom set up for each of your classes.
  • Check each Google Classroom Page, just like you would attend classes at school.
  • Read the ​Daily Announcement​ and respond to the ​Question of the Day.​
  • Complete any assignments assigned for each class.


What do I need to Know? 

  • Each of your teachers have daily virtual office hours set up to talk to you, answer questions, or provide any help needed.
  • Your teachers Will also post live or taped videos to help explain lessons throughout the week.
  • Your Advisor will reach out to you with a virtual meeting and connect with you every other day.


What do I do if I have a Question? 

  • Reach out to your teacher on Google Classroom or Email.
  • Email/Text a friend to get help.
  • Email your Counselor or Advisor for any help or support.


Ask yourself…

  • Did I check each Google Classroom and respond to each of the daily announcements today?
  • Did I complete each of my assignments for the day?
  • Did I check my email?



  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, this is a new process for all of us.
  • Do the best you can!
  • Most importantly, stay healthy and safe!

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