Student FAQ’s

FAQ YWCP Student Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will I earn course credit? Course credit will be awarded based on progress in the course/learning standards up until the closure. That means 65% or Higher for Q1 – Q2- first 5 weeks Q3.

2. What if I did not earn 65% or higher on those quarters? You must prioritize your focus on completing learning recovery and get those quarter grades up to at least 65%
3. How will my final course average be calculated?  Your final course average will be calculated based on Q1 – Q2 -5 weeks Q3 + Extension Learning/Learning Recovery = Final Average

4. Can I improve my Q1 Q2 5 weeks grades, even if I was passing prior to the closure? Yes, you can do Extension learning and raise your quarter grades one grade level.

5. How will I know how I am progressing on my learning? Following completion of learning recovery and/or extension learning your Q1 & Q2 & 5 week Q3 grades will be changed. You will continue to get feedback from your teachers in the form of graded assignments. You will receive progress reports.

6. What if I am in a Regents course and I did not achieve 65% or higher on Q1 -Q2- 5weeks Q3? Since the Regents exams are waived…does that mean I automatically pass the class? NO! You have to demonstrate that you met the standards, you must have at least 65% for Q1 -Q2- 5weeks Q3 in order to earn a credit. Learning Recovery is the solution to this problem!

7. Why is it important to continue my learning? School will start up again! We have to keep learning and negotiating the divide, we do not want you to go backwards on your development. Even if you are all set with “course credit” you still have many things to learn about the subjects. We have long-term goals for college readiness, improved SAT scores, Learning goes well beyond credits/Regents exams!

8. What if I have had poor attendance, or I was slow to start on work during the closure time? Get Going! It’s ok… jump in, it is not too late to demonstrate what you know and are able to do. Reach out to your counselor, advisor, and teachers…they are waiting for you and will help you find a place to start!

9. Will I have to repeat the grade or retake a course again? If you do not demonstrate proficiency on the learning standards of your coursework aka “failed” Q1 -Q2- 5weekQ3…you would not earn course credit and therefore fail the class. However, you should work hard on Learning Recovery right now to make sure this does not happen. Also, not all course failures require a student to repeat the entire course, but you would have to earn that course credit at some point…Why not right now!

10. What if my personal/family circumstances make it very difficult to keep up or do my work? This Covid19 school closure is a National/Global crisis. We understand that there is real-life stuff that you cannot control. We are trying to stay focused on making sure everybody at least does enough learning recovery work to make sure Q1-Q2-5 week Q3 grades are 65% or higher…so that credit can be awarded. Perhaps if you focus on that it will not seem as overwhelming. And even if you can’t do that, when this is over we will work together to pick up the pieces and keep it moving!!!!!!

11. What do I do if I do not have reliable wifi? TELL US!!!!!!!! We got you, will try and help get wifi and can also get you alternative hard copy work to do. Please contact us for help!!!!

12. What do I do if I am having personal problems with serious stuff like food, a place to stay, anxiety,
depression, safety…? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact any trusted adult from school, tell us what is going on, this is no time for pride, no room for judgment, TOGETHER WE HAVE THE ANSWERS!!!! We can and will help you!!!

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